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Apple Air Pods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds: Which one is worth buying? Unbox Cell

Apple Air Pods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds

The Set-up

The setup is pretty straight with both pairs of ear buds, but especially simple if you have an iPhone with the Air Pods. That means connecting Apple’s Air Pods to an iPhone or iPad is quite easy to do. It doesn’t state that it may be hard to pair the Samsung Buds but it’s way more easier with the Air Pods. Not only that, but when you are switching to your Mac, say, and you’re on the same Apple ID, the Air Pods are many smart that they are able to switch almost effortlessly.

The Fit

Apple Air Pods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds The Fit- unbox cell

Especially, with in-ear headphones, it is crucial how would they fit in your ear. The Air Pods seem like they would fall out and get lost quite easily. But In reality, they just stay in most ears pretty successfully, and dropping out if ever is rare. If i talk about my ears, they have been consistently in place, whether using generally or running. An Air Pod is never lost by me.

But, let me make one thing clear to you, there’s just no chance of falling the Samsung Galaxy Buds out of your ears. They have resilient earpieces which, when once you’ve put them in, spin backwards and clip into your ears with eventual security.

The Connectivity

Apple Air Pods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds The Connectivity- unbox cell

I’ll make sure to be honest, I got hold of the Galaxy Buds early on, but they weren’t ready. And, well connecting them to an iPhone especially was dreadful, with so many dropouts, inconsistencies, and treacherous audio. They actually drove me mad.

But then recently, there was a software update which happen, and everything get change. The connectivity of Galaxy Buds became as solid and dependable as since day one, it has been on the Air Pods.

So, from the get-go, the connection between Apple products and the Air Pods was unimpeachable, but for instance, it just worked fine with Android phones.

Apple is definitely still in the lead with the easiness of connection and pairing, but Samsung is now coming pretty much close.

The Audio quality

Apple Air Pods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds The Audio quality- unbox cell

It is always the big one, right?

Air Pods have always sounded stunning. And yes, it’s true, Other Apple brands, beats etc. haven’t matched the bass of the Air Pods, but no doubt they have always sounded good, whether you are listening to light classical or heavy rock.

One of the stand-outs is clarity, with the vocals strong, impressive mid-ranges, and an overall tone so lively.

Well Samsung comes very close, while adding a more solid bass and all-around sound a beefier, but it rarely overpowers Apple for the overall in-depth richness.

But In reality, if it comes in terms of separation of the different musical elements, there’s a better exactness on Apple’s buds, I would say.

The Battery life

For Galaxy Buds the stated life between the charges is 13 hours to be exact, which includes six hours from the buds themselves and the other seven hours from the charging case. As the Galaxy Buds are bigger in size, so you thought that they would have a longer life than Apple’s, right?

However, Apple asserts five hours from the Air Pods (which is less) but another nineteen hours from the case (and yes, that’s more!).

On Air Pods, recharging is also faster, i.e. 15 minutes gets you three hours of use, whereas, Samsung just promises the two hour play time from a 15-minute charge.

The fitting versatility

Well with the Air Pod falling out of my ear, I never had an issue, literally never. But I know some people who have gone through such. For them, the fit of the Samsung will be an actual benefit. It is an amazing fit. Just push them in, and then rotate so that the protuberant bit curls back into the ear. This is Brilliant.

The Charging

Through the Lightning cables, there’s nothing wrong with the charging. It is fast and efficient, and arguably more convenient and faster, though the USB-C charges on the Samsung Galaxy Buds. But there is another advantage of Samsung: the wireless charging case is an achievement. Of course, it was Apple, which came up with this feature first, but it still hasn’t materialized yet, though it will only be a matter of days, I evaluate.

Meanwhile, Samsung has leapt forward in two ways: First one is the charging case and the second, (it’s very cool), by placing the case on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S10, you can wirelessly charge the Buds, special thanks to its bi-directional charging capability. And This is a good feature for the Buds, and an outstanding feature for the phone.

The Extra features

About the Air Pods, one of the things that pleases me most, consistently, is the way in which whenever I take one pod out of my ear in order to talk to someone, the music automatically pauses. And when put it back, the music resumes. This is the thing which I call as cool.

Though, Samsung has also introduced something similar, but you have to remove both the buds for the music to stop. Well, maybe this makes more sense: that means you need both the ears to engage yourself with the conversation properly. But there’s another drawback that it doesn’t restarts when you put the Buds back in place. I think that’s awful, but if you haven’t had the lofty seamlessness of the solution of Apple, you shouldn’t not miss it.

The Quality of the call

Apple Air Pods 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Buds The Quality of the call-unbox cell

The Air Pods poke down out of your ears, in a way which looks weird at first, but then, as ubiquitous unfolded, shifted to look normal and this now is on its way to getting iconic. So, this pointy design is one of the main reasons that the call quality sounds as good as it does, this is because the beam-forming microphones aims directly for your mouth to pick up your every single word.

It doesn’t mean that the Samsung buds are miserable for calls, they’re definitely not, but I’m not much convinced that they are good in terms of catching which spot is your voice and which is  the background, and then prioritizing according to it.

The Battery Life

Apple’s new version has an estimated 5 hours of battery life, Just like the OG Air Pods. During the testing which I performed, that involved making the calls, listening to music and watching the videos, the buds required to be recharged after four hours and 49 minutes. Whereas, the charging case can take up to 3 hours for listening time and 2 hours for talk time after fifteen minutes of being place in their case.

Samsung claims that the Galaxy Buds will get about 6 hours of battery life, which makes it one of the longest-lasting pairs of wireless buds available. But well, I managed to take out 5 hours and 46 minutes. There’s a quick charge feature that gives you only 1.7 hours of play time after the charging of 15 minutes.


Winner: Apple Air Pods


At the price of $129.99, the Galaxy Buds, in the market may be the most affordable wireless buds. And in case if you were the lucky one to be in the first wave to purchase Galaxy S10, you got a free pair. Till date, Samsung has still to disclose that whether it will sell replacement buds or cases or not.

The new Air Pods are a bit expensive at $199, with the optional wireless charging case. This is $40 increased than the 1st gen pods. But, you can get the old price ($159) if you exchange the wireless case to get the standard one. In case, if you want to buy the wireless charging case alone, it’ll cost you $79, whereas the replacement buds are priced at $69 each.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Buds

Overall Winner: Samsung Galaxy Buds

When it comes in terms of the design, audio quality and features, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are overall the best. They are durable, have a calculated six hours of battery life, and offers a bunch of features such as Ambient Sound and charging that is wireless via a Galaxy S10. And also, they have amazing audio.

The new Air Pods can’t be beaten, if you’re an iPhone owner, and thanks to hands-free Siri, a faster connection times and improved call quality. But in case you are looking for a feature-rich, and affordable pair of premium buds, then the Samsung Galaxy Buds are the one you should go for.

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