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Detail Guideline For Selling Your Old Mobile Phone

Have you ever wondered what to do with your old cell phone? You might be tempted to discard it in the garbage, but here are some things you can do instead: Sell it online, donate it to charity or use it as a spare. Read this article for more information on which option is best for you!

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This blog post will provide a step-by-step guideline for how to do just that. From the steps to take before putting your phone up for sale, to what information is needed when setting up an account on eBay or Craigslist, this guide provides everything you need in order to successfully sell your used device!

Find out how much your old phone is worth?

This is the most important question for any mobile user: How do I know how much my phone might resell for? Your old phone could be worth a lot of money to someone who wants an older model. Heck, if you have one that’s relatively new and in good condition, then maybe you can even make hundreds of pounds! 

The process for determining how much money your device will get can vary depending on who’s going to buy it – whether they’re looking for scrap metal by weight (you may only fetch pennies) or parts such as LCD screens which can go up into the hundreds.

Sell Your Old Mobile Phone Online

Technology moves so fast that it’s hard to keep up with what we have. That old phone in your junk drawer is now pretty useless, but you can still sell it online for some cash and help the environment at the same time! 

The best option is to sell your old mobile phone online and make a quick buck. All you need to do is find an online marketplace for used phones that will accept it, take good pictures of your device’s exterior and interior condition, list all its features on the site along with a price tag you are asking for it, wait for buyers to come in contact with you if interested and receive the money directly into your PayPal account. This can be done quickly without any hassles or fees involved. Now go ahead and get started!

There are plenty of sites online where you can sell your old phone for cash. All you need to do is search ‘sell my iphone’ or ‘sell my android’ on Google and follow the prompts. You’ll be surprised how much money you can make by selling an old iPhone 6s for $400 dollars when buying one new starts at $600!

What not to do when selling a smartphone?

  1. Don’t use your phone as a flashlight
  2. Don’t leave it plugged in to the charger overnight
  3. Avoid using the same password for all of your accounts
  4. Stay away from public Wi-Fi networks, and don’t click on links in emails you aren’t expecting
  5. Turn off location tracking features so that your whereabouts are not tracked by apps like Facebook Messenger and Find My iPhone
  6. Don’t use a phone case
  7. Don’t put your phone in the same pocket as keys, coins, or anything else that can scratch it 
  8. Don’t allow your phone to get wet – avoid bringing it near water and don’t go swimming with it on you 
  9. Avoid putting your phone in direct sunlight for too long because this can cause the battery to overheat and shorten its lifespan

Make Sure Your Mobile Is In Good Condition:

If you’re reading this blog post, then it’s likely that your mobile is in good condition and you don’t need any help. If not, read on for some helpful tips for getting your phone back up to speed. 

First off, before anything else be sure to replace the battery if needed- a dead battery can cause all kinds of problems with the hardware inside your phone. 

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Next, make sure there are no water stains or other liquid damage inside the device- most electronics aren’t waterproof so even small amounts of moisture could have caused irreversible damage. Once these steps are taken care of we recommend downloading a new operating system such as iOS 12 or Android 11 or above because older versions may contain bugs or vulnerabilities which can leave your data open to hackers

Some easy steps to follow for good mobile condition

  1. Keep your phone away from water
  2. Avoid dropping your phone on the ground
  3. Don’t leave your phone in a hot car for too long
  4. Protect it with a case and screen protector to keep it safe from damage
  5. Charge your battery before you start using it, so that you can use it longer without having to charge again 
  6. Stay up-to-date with software updates so that you don’t have any security issues or bugs
  7. Turn off Bluetooth when not in use and only turn on Wi-Fi when needed for a specific app or function 
  8. Download an antivirus (or other security) program just in case something happens to your device while away from home

Completely Clean Your Phone Before You Sell It

If you want to make your used phone as attractive and desirable for the next buyer, it is advised that you thoroughly clean them before putting them up on sale. Make sure there are no smudges, scratches or fingerprints so that potential buyers can see how great of a condition the device is in.

Make sure nothing distracts from its beauty and functionality when selling your old phone: wipe away any dirt with an alcohol-free cleaning solution, Disinfectant wipes and make sure all keys, buttons and ports function as they should by testing them out now!

Easy Steps To Sell Your Old Mobile Phone 

  1. Sell your old mobile phone online and find out how much your old phone is worth
  2. Compare prices from different sellers to find the best deal for you
  3. Make sure your mobile is in good condition
  4. Get a screen protector for the phone 
  5. Clean up the phone and remove any personal data, Remove any personal items from the device before selling it 
  6. Print out a prepaid postage label from the website, package it up, and send it off
  7. Once you receive payment for your device, transfer the money into your bank account 
  8. Check to see if there are any updates available for your device and install them if necessary 
  9. Protect yourself by backing up all data before trading in your device
  10. Update all of your passwords on social media accounts that you have linked to the phone, including email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc., so that you can be certain that no one will be able to access those accounts after you sell it 
  11. Take screenshots of apps or websites with important information stored on them (e-mail inboxes) and save them to cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox
  12. Buy a new mobile phone to replace your old one
  13. Get paid within 24 hours of selling your device on trade in sites like Swappa or Gazelle 

Pros and cons of selling my used or broken cell phones on eBay, Amazon etc

“Do you have a used or broken cell phone that’s just been sitting around collecting dust? We all know how expensive it can be to buy new phones, but if you’re looking for another option, we’ve got some pros and cons of selling your old phones on eBay versus Amazon. Now let’s take a look at the differences.” The pros and cons depend on a variety of factors such as: what type of phone you have, how many hours it is worth working for, your age bracket/income level. 

For example, if you’re in the market for a new phone but don’t want to spend too much money then selling your old one could be an option. If you’re looking to make some extra cash then you can also try that route. You’ll be able to find out more about the benefits and drawbacks by reading this post!

-Pros: I get to make money off my old phone by reselling it. It saves me time from having to go through the hassle of finding something else. There are ways in which I can use my old phone as an asset for making more money.

-Cons: The process takes longer than other methods because I have to list/sell them online; there is a chance of someone outbidding

How much can you get when you sell an old phone?

The most important factor when selling an old cell phone is to check what other people are paying for similar items online before negotiating with the seller! Keep in mind that reselling a device like an iPhone means giving up Apple’s warranty coverage and instead relying on whatever protection

There are plenty of sites online where you can sell your old phone for cash. All you need to do is search ‘sell my iphone’ or ‘sell my android’ on Google and follow the prompts. You’ll be surprised how much money you can make by selling an old iPhone 6s for $400 dollars when buying one new starts at $600!

Another issue is for example: how quickly can you get your hands on the money from listing your item? What if someone pays via PayPal? And what happens if they want their purchase immediately and don’t understand


Now that you know how to get the most money and what not to do when selling a smartphone, it’s time for an easy step-by-step process of just how to sell your old phone. Whether you’re looking for someone who will buy it as is or fix up your broken phone before reselling, there are plenty of options out there. 

 In conclusion, if you have been wondering about how much cash is in your old mobile device then now is the perfect time to find out. You don’t want to miss this opportunity because today might be too late tomorrow – good luck and happy hunting!


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