OnePlus is known for making a quality items with their line of cell phones, however similarly as with most, they have their own particular customization that you can’t get anyplace else. Font types, boot movements, sounds, and restrictive applications — they are on the whole extraordinary to each unique skin of Android. The good news, however? There’s an easy way you can snatch some of that Oxygen OS goodness at this moment. So, this oneplus switch brings a lot of new options for you.

There’s a Magisk module you can download by designer MarcAnt01 called Oxy-ify, which introduces some of those proprietary changes and applications referenced previously. You can tweak the things that are add to your system during the install stage, with the goal that helps make your experience much personal. It’s a brisk setup procedure, and once done, you will need to mess up with it any longer.

Oneplus switch:

  • established Android device
  • Magisk introduced
  • Any upheld stock ROM or AOSP ROM
  • Stock Pixel OS and Samsung One UI not bolstered

Step 1: Download the Oxy-Ify Module

Download the Oxy-Ify Module- unbox cell

Begin by going into the Magisk Manager application, tapping the menu symbol on the left, at that point heading off to the “Downloads” section. Tap the search symbol, at that point type in the term “oxy-ify” to find the module required for this guide. Tap the download bolt once, and from there the “Install” options. Grant any media authorizations to Magisk Manager if essential by tapping “Allow.”

The file is more noteworthy in size than an ordinary Magisk module since it contains a huge amount of additional changes and customization for you to pick from. Given that data, expect the download and install procedure to be somewhat longer than expected, so be persistent while it does its thing. Once the download completes, you’ll have the option to follow to the on-screen directions utilizing the volume keys during the setup.

Step 2: Customize Your Experience

Now, you will be incite to press one of the volume keys to affirm your decision to start installing the module. At that point it will walk you through all of the alternatives you can get from the module. Let you pick which ones to install and which one to skip. For every choice, the volume up key will signify a “Yes” reaction, while the volume down key will be a “No” reaction.

Finish setup by making your volume key choices, at that point hit the “Reboot” button at the bottom to restart the phone and empower the new Oxy-ify module.

Step 3: Enjoy Your OnePlus Exclusive Features

Enjoy Your OnePlus Exclusive Features- unbox cell

Now you can make a plunge directly into your device and find the new things you just installed from the Magisk module. On the off chance that you empowered the OnePlus boot animation, you ideally as of now observed that one when you restarted your phone, for instance. Checking your application drawer or system settings ought to uncover any new OnePlus explicit applications or changes you looked over the list. That is it — no reason to worry about it.

The Oxy-ify module is anything but a permanent fixture, obviously. So on the off chance that you need to remove or change things around. You generally have the alternative of doing as such without issue. Head into the Magisk Manager application, tap the menu symbol on the left, at that point go to “Modules.” Locate the Oxy-ify module, tap the trash bin symbol, at that point reboot your phone to expel it from your system through and through. Back to stock!