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Honor Band 6 Vs Honor Band 5- Smart Band Battle

Honor Band 6 Vs Honor Band 5

In this fast-paced world, technology has mustered a great number of audiences. It is becoming an integral part of our lives without which life doesn’t seem to show any progress. Be it office work or education or health institutions, technology is vast spread everywhere. 

You will find a lot of health-related gadgets serving different purposes. In this digital world where most of the work is carried out by machines and gadgets, people are prone to unhealthy lifestyles as tech overtakes manual labor. Thus, some companies have started launching health bands that lets you keep track of your health while you do your work.

Nowadays several companies are serving the purpose of technology and Honor is one such company that offers health bands, smartphones, and many other devices. It is known for its wide variety of smartwatches and hand wearables. 


It is like your fitness trainer which has several modes to monitor your health. It uses infrared and AI technology to detect and display your heart rate. Rather than opening and looking at your fitness app or seeing a doctor, you can now simply look at your wrist to monitor your heart rate and its situation.

Other than the heart rate it helps you keep track of your oxygen saturation. It tells about the discovered covered and the time.

It has a sleep tracking app. It monitors your sleeping routine and suggests ways to better it.

Here we will be discussing the features of two of their products which are honor band 6 and honor band 5. 



These bands are fitness trackers in the shape of watches that help you keep a check of your health. It has an AMOLED display of 1.47 inches which’s 50 percent higher than the prior generation. 

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 43x25x10.8 with a 2.5D curved 

water-resistant glass.

It also has the water brightness feature.

Resolution: Its resolutions is194x360 pixels.

Battery: Its battery is 180mAh which can last for about 14 days.

Modes:  It has 10 sport modes.

Autosport detection: In addition to the other sports modes, it has an auto sport detection feature too which detects walking, jogging, and running automatically.

Customization: you can change the settings according to your workout and tracking

Sleep Health: It monitors your rem, light, and deep sleep and also displays the duration for how long you have slept. It also gives suggestions to improve your sleep conditions and how to manage the amount of time you sleep.

SPO2: it measures your oxygen saturation on-demand and forewarns about respiratory conditions. 

Stress monitor: has a stress monitor that can check your continuity throughout the day. It offers a guide that helps you relax in stressful situations or when you are anxious or having anxiety. 

Breathing Guide: It has a breathing guide that helps you lower down your stress level and also offers different breathing exercises for you to attain help during difficulty in breathing.

Scratch Resistance Glass: It comes with scratch-resistant glass.

Vibration Settings: You can customize the vibration Settings to Strong, Moderate, or weak. If you are a heavy sleeper, then keep the setting strong and if you’re an on-guard sleeper then the moderate or weak level vibration will also work.

Watch face store: 

Allows downloading different watch faces from the Huawei health store. Since the honor band, 6 has a bigger display compared to that of the honor band 5 thus it is convenient and easier to read the screen and select icons. The display being comparatively larger, it is pleasing to the eyes and lays less stress on the eyes.

Torch: Honor band 6 has this addition of torch in it which is a huge upgrade after the Honor band 5. 

Price: The price of Honor band 6 is $35. In Pakistan, it is approximately Rs 7000 which is less costly as compared to bands of other companies. This will help Honor band 6 to gain popularity because it offers almost the smartwatch experience to its user at a fair price.



It has an AMOLED display and shows color-coordinated text which makes it easier and efficient to use it and differentiate icons.

It has a 0.95-inch display.

Resolution: It has a resolution of 120×240 pixels.

Shape: It is a rectangular panel. 

Dimensions: Its dimensions are 45x17x11.5 mm.

Battery: It has a battery of 100mAh which can last for about 4-5 days as directed.

Weight: It is 22g and lighter than the honor band 6.

Mode: It has 9 sport modes.

Customization: you can change the settings according to your workout and tracking 

Sleep Health: It monitors sleep and displays the time for how long you have slept.

SPO2: Honor band 5 monitors your oxygen saturation which was its plus point.

It has a slim display than that of the honor 6 band which gives it a sleek and smart look.

2.5D curved water-resistant glass. It lacks water brightness feature as compared to the Honor band 6.

Brightness: Brightness can be customized from the display settings but it basically shortfalls in the auto brightness feature.


It is an issue addressed by most people as technology and water don’t go together but Honor band 5 is water-resistant and you can wear it even underwater. So, you can carry your Honor band 5 with you while you go swimming and it will track your activity level even during swimming.

Watch Face Store

It has an app that lets you choose between different funky watch fonts and styles. 

Allows downloading faces from the Huawei health app. Honor band 5 has small and general faces thus making it inconvenient to read from the screen and make selection. 

Heart Rate Sensor: It contains the heart rate sensor feature which helps you to accurately acknowledge your heart rate at rest or during any physical activity.

Price: It is cheaper than the Honor band 6. The price of Honor band 5 is around $29. In Pakistan, its price is estimated at Rs 5000. 



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