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8GB Ram Mobile Phones List: Best Options to Consider

Top 10 drifting phones of May 2019- Unbox Cell

It wasn’t times of yore that 8GB of RAM mobile was assumed to be a great size able capacity, even for a PC. Now 8GB RAM phone are more preferable. Actually, phones are even offering 10 GB, and as more as 12GB.

It perhaps can overload, more RAM is certainly not a bad thing, particularly if you want to have your phone for some years. More RAM can surely supports you in future but does not certainly mean your phone is completely future proof.

Some 8GB RAM mobile phones are:

  2. Asus Zenfone 6
  4. Honor 20 Pro
  5. Huawei P30 Pro
  6. Nubia Red Magic 3
  7. ONEPLUS 5
  8. OnePlus5T
  9. OnePlus 6
  10. OnePlus 6T
  11. OnePlus 7 Pro
  12. OnePlus 7
  13. OnePlus 7T
  14. Oppo Find X
  15. Oppo Reno 10x Zoom
  16. Pocophone F1
  17. Razer Phone 2 
  18. Realme 2 Pro
  19. Redmi K20 Pro
  20. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  21. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  22. Samsung Galaxy S10
  23. Samsung Galaxy S10 plus
  24. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  25. Vivo NEX
  27. ZTE Axon 10 Pro

And the list goes on. We have selected some top 8GB mobile phones and discuss in detail, so that it will be easier for you to choose your future phone.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 series

The Galaxy S10, S10 e, and S10 Plus have many things in common. They all have a headset card that is powered by the Exynos 9820 or Snapdragon 855 chipset. They all similarly have 8GB RAM, while you can select from other memory configurations too.

Samsung Galaxy S10+: unbox Cell

Galaxy S10e specs:

  • Battery: 3,100mAh
  • Cameras: 12 and 16MP
  • Display: 5.8-inch, Full HD+
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9820
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/256GB

Galaxy S10 specs:

  • Battery: 3,400mAh
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 16MP
  • Chipset: SD 855 or Exynos 9820
  • Display: 6.1-inch, QHD+
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/512GB


Galaxy S10 Plus specs:

  • Battery: 4,100mAh
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 16MP
  • Display: 6.4-inch, QHD+
  • Front cameras: 10 and 8MP
  • RAM: 8/12GB
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9820
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/512GB and 1TB


Samsung Galaxy S10+- unbox cell

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The Galaxy Note 10 boxes the Exynos 9825 or Snapdragon 855 chipset in the cover accompanied by 8GB RAM. It gives fewer than the Note 10 Plus which has 12GB RAM but is still an excellent choice for demanding users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 specs:

  • Battery: 3,500mAh
  • Cameras: 12, 12, and 16MP
  • Display: 6.3-inch, FHD+
  • Front camera: 10MP
  • RAM: 8GB
  • SoC: SD 855 or Exynos 9825
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 256GB


3. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro has 8GB of RAM under the casing, while a 6GB alternative is also offered by company. You can get the headset with as more as 512GB of storage, which can be extended through Huawei’s exclusive Nano Memory card.

Huawei P30 Pro- unbox cell

Huawei P30 Pro specs:

  • Battery: 4,200mAh
  • Cameras: 40, 20, 8MP + ToF
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • SoC: Kirin 980
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/256/512GB



4. OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, and 7T Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro offers a variation that includes 6, 8, or 12GB RAM. The last two are only accessible with the configuration having 256GB internal storage. The rest of the headset is fairly superb.

OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro- unbox cell

OnePlus 7 Pro specs:

  • Battery: 4,000 mAh
  • Cameras: 48, 16, and 8MP
  • Display: 6.67-inch, QHD+
  • Front camera: 16MP
  • RAM: 6/8/12GB
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/256GB


OnePlus 7 specs:

  • Battery: 3,700mAh
  • Cameras: 48 and 5MP
  • Display: 6.41-inch, Full HD+
  • Front camera: 16MP
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/256GB


OnePlus 7T Pro specs:

  • Battery: 4,085mAh
  • Cameras: 48MP+16MP, and 8MP
  • Display: 6.67-inch, Full HD+
  • Front camera: 16MP
  • RAM: 8GB
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855 Plus
  • Software: Android 10
  • Storage: 128/256GB


5. ZTE Axon 10 Pro

ZTE Axon 10 Pro- unbox cell

Base version of the ZTE Axon 10 Pro offers 128GB storage, but a model having 256GB is also available in market, and that one can have 8GB or 12GB RAM. The SD card slot permits you to increase the storage for an extra 1TB, which can satisfy the need of majority of users.

ZTE Axon 10 Pro specs:

  • Display: 6.47-inch, Full HD+
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • RAM: 6/8/12GB
  • Storage: 128/256GB
  • Cameras: 48, 20, and 8MP
  • Front camera: 20MP
  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie


6. Asus Zenfone 6

Asus Zenfone 6- unbox cell

There’re a numerous reasons that make the Asus Zenfone 6 an excellent device. The phone offers leading specifications at a mid-range price. But what makes it really noticeable is the 8GB RAM you can have this version with 256GB storage.

Asus Zenfone 6 specs:

  • Battery: 5,000mAh
  • Cameras: 48 and 13MP
  • Display: 6.4-inch, Full HD+
  • Front cameras: 48 and 13MP
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 64/128/256GB


Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom- unbox cell

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom is an inspiration, including all the specifications we have come to assume from a 2019 leading phone. It holds a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor and 6/ 8GB RAM.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom specs:

  • Battery: 4,065mAh
  • Cameras: 48, 13, and 8MP
  • Display: 6.6-inch, Full HD+
  • Front camera: 16MP
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 128/256GB


Redmi K20 Pro

redmi k20 pro- unbox cell

Redmi K20 Pro is a powerful phone in a reasonable price. It is powered by the Snapdragon 855 chipset and has as more as 8GB RAM. The handset proposes a full-screen experience;it features an in-display finger print scanner and use of a pop up camera.

Redmi K20 Pro specs:

  • Battery: 4,000mAh
  • Cameras: 48, 13, and 8MP
  • Display: 6.39-inch, Full HD+
  • Front camera: 20MP
  • RAM: 6/8GB
  • SoC: Snapdragon 855
  • Software: Android 9.0 Pie
  • Storage: 64/128/256GB


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