Issues with the headphone jack on handsets are very common. It happens to numerous users and can be very annoying if their headphone jack is not working, particularly for those who frequently listen to music, and so on.

Why is my headphone jack not working?

Headphone Jack Not Working

We have shared some reasons and tips to fix, that will definitely help you out. Let’s get started.

Fix 1: Ensure your headphones are not broken

The first fix is a clear one. It is fairly probable that the headphone jack is not causing the problem, but your headphones are faulty. You can see this out rapidly just by attaching them into some other device. This doesn’t essentially have to be a mobile. It can be a TV, laptop, or any other device. If you still don’t hear audio just buy new headphones

We also suggest plugging a changed pair of headphones into your device before purchasing. Though it is exceptional, there are still chances that your original pair of headphones is not compatible with your device, even though they run on other handsets.

Fix 2: Check if the handset is attached to a different device through Bluetooth

If your handset is paired with a speaker, wireless headphones, or any other device through Bluetooth, it is likely that the headphone jack is deactivated. 

Here is an easy and quick solution, just open the settings menu on your handset, search for the Bluetooth option, and see if it is on. Therefore, the handset is probably pair with some other device nearby. If that is the issue, just turn it off, attach your headphones, and check if that fixes it. If not, move to the next fix.

Fix 3: How to clean headphone jack

A lot of dust and lint can take place into the headphone port with the passage of time. This may be the source of the issue, as the grime can block the link between the jack and the headphones.

Use a torch to see if there is any dirt inside the jack. If yes, then try to clean it. There are numerous techniques to do this. One option is just to blow into the headphone port, by doing this you may be successful in blowing out a little quantity of dust and lint. 

An excellent option is to use a soft cotton pad. Push it into the headphone jack and spin it around a bit to get rid of lint and dust. Be very cautious when you are doing this. You can also dip the cotton pad or soft cloth in rubbing alcohol, but just ensure you don’t overdo it.

After you are done, see into the headphone jack once more to check just how much lint and dust you throughout. If it is looking clean, attach it to your headphones to see if it works perfectly.

Fix 4: Check audio settings and restart the handset

There is also a possibility that your headphones and jack are perfectly fine but audio settings of the device are not proper. In this case, you will be capable of fixing it out in a blink. Just open the audio settings on your handset and see the volume level and any others settings that may silent the sound.

Generally, there are not too many settings options like these on a phone, so you can catch the problem in no time. 

If the whole thing looks to be in order just restart your handset. If it also does not work for you, move to the next and last fix.

Fix 5: Time to repair

If the solutions listed above don’t work, the problem is something big. If your handset is under warranty, simply contact the manufacturer or retailer, and send it in for replacement or repair. It’s free, but may take some time.

In the worst case, if your device is not under warranty or insure, repair it and pay from your pocket. Or else, you can just go for wireless Bluetooth headphones; it may solve your problem. Latest phones generally support wireless headphones, like Samsung Galaxy S9 headphone jack is excellent but people mostly go for wireless one.

Some Quick Questions:

How to make headphones louder- unbox cell


  • How to make headphones louder?

  1. Clean your headphones
  2. Removing volume limits on your phone
  3. Use volume boosting apps
  4. Use an amplifier
  5. Buy a pair of new louder sounding headphones
  • Can I convert my aux to USB?

Yes you can, by just buying aux to a USB adapter/ converter. You can also convert the headphone jack to USB if you have USB headphones.

  • How to fix a computer not detecting headphones?

If your computer not recognizing headphones follow the given solutions 

Fix 1: Check if your headphones are disabled.

Fix 2: Update your audio driver.

Solution 3: Uninstall and reinstall your audio driver.

Fix 4: Check for hardware issues.

Fix 5: Run the playing audio troubleshooter.